Sun. Dec 10th, 2023


Starting early

By Mack Thompson, Editor Everyone who worked for the State Police as long as I did havedinged up a patrol car. Although I may have set a new standard for starting early. My father and his cousin worked for the department also, and during that time, we lived in Little…

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State Capitol Week in Review

James Sturch, Arkansas Senator When people call the state hotline to report suspected child abuse or neglect, about 80 percent are assigned to the Division of Children and Family Services.The other 20 percent are considered more serious, and are assigned to the State Police, which has a Division of Crimes…

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From The Mayor, Russell Stokes

Cherokee Village Mayor Russell Stokes Fortunately, we have seen some decline in the number of Covid-19 cases in our area.  However, the vaccination rate is still below fifty percent which is deterring us from avoiding infections.  A little over one-third of the residents in Fulton and Sharp counties combined have…

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From the Mayor

Russell Stokes By Cherokee Village Mayor Russell Stokes A month into 2022 and not much has changed regarding the impact of Covid 19 on our lives.  We are experiencing a high rate of infection with the new variant while we adapt to the changes that the virus has brought into…

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