The Spring River Chronicle is a weekly newspaper covering primarily Fulton and Sharp Counties, but also parts of Lawrence, Izard, Independence, Randolph and Oregon County in Missouri.

We are the largest circulated newspaper and are also the only locally owned newspaper in a three county area. We strive to put our readers and advertisers first, giving them the most news fastest and most accurately. We also provide the most cost effective advertising opportunities with advertising that is never outsourced to out of country ad companies, but built for you by someone who has a stake in your businesses success.

Spring River Chronicle was purchased in 2017 by Paul and Tammy Curtis. Since the purchase, the newspaper has became the largest circulated paper in the area. SRC has won 135 Arkansas Press Awards for both editorial and advertising content, design and layout. The newspaper has been awarded the General Excellence for Smaller weeklys two of the four times entered a a small weekly and twice coming in second against all other small papers in the state.

In 2021, our newspaper was the ONLY smaller weekly in the state to experience enough growth in subsribers to move up to a medium weekly. That year, we competed against much larger paper who possess much larger staff and was only narrowly edged out of the 2021 General Excellence delegation for having been awarded the most points for awards at that Arkansas Press Association’s Editorial Excellence Convention. In 2022, the Spring River Chronicle came even closer with another second place in General Excellence.

Our goal is to represent the true meaning of local journalism, covering the stories everyone wants to know about and never shying away from controversial topics and government corruption that many corporate based news providers avoid in fear of losing advertising dollars. Awards by our peers is evidence that we love the community and strive daily to serve them with the kinds of news that matter to them. This type of coverage has also brought home three investigative journalism awards from Arkansas Press Association, and the coveted I.F. Stone Investigative Journalism award, one that has never been awarded to a small weekly in the state.

We believe people of Spring River Country work hard for what they have and deserve to know the truth at all times. The public has a right to be informed and aware of news happening in their areas. This allows them to make educated decisions on actions they may want to take to change things or promote events in their area. The staff attends regular training on news and legally relevant workshops to keep on top of an ever changing market and has adapted by adding both an online edition and website for those who seek digital content, over print

The Curtis’ have lived in Sharp and Fulton Counties for over 50 years and love the area and the people who live here. We are the area’s only full color newspaper, printed on bright white news stock for a vibrant appeareance.

Thank you for trusting us to bring you the news you seek.