Slater charged with two more counts of rape in Fulton County

Charles "Charlie" Slater

Tammy Curtis, from charging documents

Charles “Charlie” Slater, Jr., a long time local construction company owner, faces his third related arrest and sixth rape charge since his initial arrest in Sharp County on Feb. 9. This time, charges were filed in Fulton County in the Sixteenth Judicial District by Prosecuting Attorney Dwayne Plumlee. 

The arrest came after an investigation involving the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children’s Division and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department following a report by a third and separate victim, after Slater’s first two arrests. The new charges stem from rapes that allegedly occurred in 1999 and 2000. Judge Tim Weaver set his third bond at $100,000 Cash or professional, but Slater is still being held in the Sharp County Detention Center on the second arrest and on a $250,000 cash only bond. 

Slater was first arrested in Sharp County by Cherokee Village Police on Feb. 9 on four counts of rape with the victim being under the age of 14.  At the time of his arrest, Slater was reportedly suicidal and told officers he would not go to prison and also was in possession of a firearm. Sharp County District Judge Mark Johnson drew a lot of public controversy from setting his bond so low given the issues. Slater promptly posted the $15,000 bond on Feb. 13 and  was ordered to wear an ankle monitor and preceded to resume construction work in Cherokee Village soon after. 

Slater was officially charged by Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Devon Holder’s office with the four rape charges two and a half weeks later on Feb. 27. 

Just 12 days later on Feb. 22, a second victim came forward soon after learning of Slater’s arrest. This time, Slater was arrested at the Ash Flat City Park for two additional charges, this time Second Degree Sexual Assaults-Class B Felonies. Again, the second victim was under the age of 14. 

Sharp County arrest ended with a different judge than Johnson setting his bond. This time. Judge Alex Bigger, set Slater’s bond for his second Felony arrest at $250,000 cash only. 

This meant, unlike on his first four rape counts, professional (10 percent and fees), Slater  is required to pay the entire amount in cash, not property to be released.

At the time of his second arrest, Slater was meeting with his bond agent from the first arrest to have his ankle monitor batteries charged or replaced. Raven Tramen, his bonding agent, contacted Slater earlier in the day, requesting to meet him. He told her he was working and would meet her after work and told her to meet him at the ballpark. This is a clear violation of his original bond and grounds for revocation 

At the time of his first arrest, the investigator in the case, Det. John Hutchins, with the Cherokee Village Police Department who has worked extensively on Slater’s case asked for a $1 million bond and instead, got the $150,000 from Johnson. 

Rape is the highest non-capital felony possible, with a punishment range of 40 years to life in prison. 

Slater is being represented by local attorney,  R.T. Starken.  A motion was filed on March 15   on his behalf with the Sharp County Circuit Court to reduce the $250,000 bond on grounds it is excessive. The second case was filed by the Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s office on March 15, over three weeks later. 

16th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Dwayne Plumblee filed the two new Class Y Felony Rape charges against Slater on March 28, the same day the  arrest warrant was issued. It will be served to him while in jail in Sharp County. He is set to appear in court on April 1 before Judge Rob Ratton.

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