The Jacob Smith Family, son, Calvin, “Jake”, wife Kathy and daughter Lydia.

My name is Jacob Smith, but everyone calls me Jake.  I’m running for Fulton County Sheriff.  I’m a Republican and have strong conservative values.  I was raised on a dairy farm in Wheeling, just south of Salem, and have lived here my entire life.  

In 2002, my wife, Kathy, and I married at our home church in Salem.  We have one teenage daughter, Lydia, and an adult son, Calvin.  They have all been very supportive of me and my law enforcement career.  I started as a road deputy for Fulton County in 2014, and I am now the Chief Deputy.  

I’ve been a certified law enforcement instructor for several years, but I still try to take classes and learn all I can.  Any officer should do whatever they can to serve their community better.  There have been some ups and downs in the department since I began. Poor policing practices can have immediate negative effects. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.  Furthermore; I’m a constitutionalist. I’m pro freedom. Our laws are intended to prevent others from trampling our God given rights.  Those just laws must be enforced. They must be enforced in a fair and even handed way.  

I’ve had the great privilege to help bring aboard some new deputies.  I expect they will work hard for you, and treat you with dignity and respect.  Over the last two years, the department has grown into a more professional agency because of the dedicated people who now work there. Felony arrests and convictions are up, not because crime has increased, but because of the work being done. Just days prior to his retirement, former sheriff Al  Roork said to me, “ This is the best department I’ve seen in my 42 years.”  Kind words from a very experienced lawman who doesn’t hand out frequent compliments.  

We have established good working relationships with other agencies.  This basically translates into extra help keeping the community safe, and free from thugs who will take advantage of any weakness.  Law enforcement can only ever be a reflection of the people.  So long as Fulton County has a sense of duty, responsibility and justice, the sheriff’s office can function effectively. There will always be a criminal element in society.  I can’t fix our problems on my own, but with your help I believe we can make great strides.  I can only promise to tell you truth, and that I will work hard for you.  My door is always open to you. With your support and your vote, it will remain open.