Shaun Windsor

In the spring of 2020, school technology departments were faced with unprecedented challenges as the Coronavirus pandemic forced instruction to move to remote learning. In an effort to highlight the great work of the technology staff at schools around the state, the Department of Education launched a new monthly series, Behind the Screens. 

One of the first features was Shaun Windsor, who has been the Technology Coordinator at Salem School District for 16 years. However, Mr. Windsor plays a much larger role in the district than just tech coordinator because he is also their instructional technology specialist. Mr. Windsor works with teachers to help integrate technology into the classroom. When the COVID pandemic first emerged, Mr. Windsor trained each teacher on the skills they needed to teach online. Teachers were able to teach students in their classroom and, using their new technology skills, teach students at home at the same time. With six sessions of week-long training events during the summer, he was able to train every teacher in the district how to use the district’s LMS and Zoom. With the help of Mr. Windsor’s expertise, we were able to meet the needs of every Salem student despite the pandemic’s challenges. With the help of one computer tech, Mr. Windsor manages the district’s one-to-one Chromebook initiative. Nearly every technology advancement at Salem Schools has been implemented with the support of Mr. Windsor. He helps in so many other ways as well. Before the district tournament, Mr. Windsor changed ballasts and bulbs in the gymnasium and somehow found time to smoke bbq for the hospitality room. He is an all-in type of employee, a true educator who loves Salem and its students.