Nannette Daugherty will speak at the Hardy Gym at 6:30 p.m. at the Oct. 6 meeting about Early Hardy Tourism. Nannette is co-founder and Program Coordinator of the Hardy History Association. She has enjoyed Hardy history for many years.
Her mother, Freeda (James) Daugherty, is from Pocahontas and her father, Hubert C. Daugherty, was born in Hardy. Nannette has visited Hardy throughout her life, attending family gatherings and listening to stories about Hardy’s earlier days.
As a little girl she remembers visiting her grandmother’s house and being afraid to sleep in the front corner bedroom because she was told a house just up the hill was haunted.
Nannette moved to Hardy in 2006 to live here full time. She also works with the Arts Center of North Arkansas, teaches weekly yoga classes, and tutors mathematics. One of her favorite things to do is kayaking on the Spring River.
The public is invited to the monthly program meetings of the Hardy History Association currently being held at the Historic Hardy Gym at 203 School Street.
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