Vote “No”, a second, third or fourth time if necessary

By Bud Ludwick, Highland School District Taxpayer

On Nov. 8, 2022, Highland School Board petitioned voters to agree to the building of a new high school to vote for an 8.9 mill-age increase. The school board offered a fuzzy cost estimate of around $30 million. They didn’t offer a proposed site study of all state-required issues or detailed architect plans, or two competing bids from licensed contractors. In return, the taxpayers would receive an 8.9 millage tax in-crease (approximately a 29% in-crease from current 30 mill rate).At this time, the community is facing increasing inflation costs for goods and services, losses in retirement accounts, many in the community are living on a fixed income, with many more dealing with the effects of poverty. Let’s not vote for another A.L. Hutson Center situation. The inadequate foresight in the construction of the A.L. Hut-son Center has led to numerous repairs and maintenance issues due to poor planning from the beginning. The taxpayers voted the proposal down and now the schoolboard has chosen to have a Special Election to send the same proposal back to the voters in a Special Election on February7-14. Without new critical information offered to justify another vote, the school district and board needs to reassess their plan completely. Make your voice heard loudly; vote NO a second time, third time, and fourth time if necessary.

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