Students on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for the fall 2022 semester at Arkansas State University have been announced. The lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade-point averages while enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours of study. The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a perfect GPA of4.0. The Dean’s List(designated as DL)includes students with a GPA of 3.6to 3.99. The lists include students enrolled at Campus Queretaro in Mexico. From the Spring River coverage area, the following students were named to the list. Fulton County students named to the list include: Ash Flat: Trev-or Blythe, DL and Hannah Gibson, DL. Cherokee Village: Zoie Deckard, DL. Gepp: Cory Duncan, DL. Glencoe: Jesse Taylor, DL. Hardy: Samantha Mills, CL. Mammoth Spring: Rachel Davis, CL; Zackery Flynn, CL; Laken Bailey, DL; Madyson Hufstedler, DL; Cole Lar-son, DL; and Kelli Young, DL. Salem: Luke Keen, CL; Rebecca Lemon, CL: Jaiden Strong, CL; Jaycie Strong, CL; Amber Yates, CL; Dustin Bullard, DL; Luke Hearn, DL; Emily Sevor, DL; Rory Walling, DL; and Sarah Young, DL. Lawrence County students named to the list include: Ravenden: Kelly Curtis, CL, and Shawnna Chapman, DL. Sharp County students named to the list include: Ash Flat: Alexis Himschoot, CL and Crystal Nicholson, CL. Cave City: Anna Bailey, DL and Han-nah Wojcik, DL. Cherokee Village: Karisa Phelps, CL; Rain Pillow, CL;-Jeannette Strano, CL; and Breanna Hoffman, DL. Evening Shade: Colby Hopkins, CL. Hardy: Rebecca Skinner, CL and Parker Dillard, DL. Highland: Kara Wiles, DL.