Arkansas House of Representatives

Trey Steimel, Arkansas State Representative

On the third week of the 2023 Regular Session, the House passed legislation that could impact everything from car tags to the start of the school year.AHB1150 which would extend the time period Arkansans have to register a vehicle. This bill would give Arkansans 60 days from the purchase date of the car or if they’ve moved to Arkansas from out of state. Currently, Arkansans have 30 days to register. The House also passed HB1125 which prohibits level 3 and level 4sex offenders from owning or operating a drone. In addition, the House passedHB1091. This bill states that for purposes of employment in Arkansas, a GED shall be treated the same as a high school diploma. Other bills making their way to the Senate now include HB1123.This bill would allow an individual who voluntarily seeks mental health treatment in a mental health institution or facility to petition the court for a license to carry a concealed handgun two years after treatment. HB1098 would allow volunteer fire departments to operate a new-born safety device under the Safe Haven Act if they are staffed 24hours a day. The Safe Haven Act allows a parent to anonymously relinquish custody of an infant.HB1098 would also allow a parent to leave a newborn child with a medical provider staff member after delivery of the newborn. The House passed HB1101 which amends the law concerning the issuance of a special license plate for disabled veterans. It changes the qualifications for a special license plate to a veteran who is at least10% disabled. Currently, a veteran must be 30% disabled to qualify. And the House passed HB1122which amends the law concerning dates for the beginning of the school year. It states the first day of the school year for public elementary and secondary schools shall be on or after the Monday of the week in which August 19 falls, not earlier than August 14, and not later than August 26.The House will enter the 4thweek of the session on Monday, January 30th.You can watch all House proceedings at

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