Highland Senior Chris Carbone was recently recognized for his participation in Arkansas Governor’s School this past summer. Chris said that it was such a valuable experience for him, and he is so glad that he was able to attend. Cabone summarized his experience. “Governor’s school was a very unique experience. It was nothing like a conventional high school with grades and the like; rather it was a program and concept mainly reliant on the motivation of the individual. You could do every single assignment and write down a bunch of notes, or you could just relax in the classes. Of course, you can’t interrupt those who seek to learn if you went with this approach, yet the thing is, almost everybody would do their work even though they didn’t have to. This is due to the atmosphere of the program, and the dedication of the staff involved. There were many events and lectures that people could attend, all of which were catered to different groups of people, some of these lectures were silly such as learning geology from Minecraft, while others were more grounded such as an astrophysicist explaining the James Webb telescope images and what they mean (Below is one such image). Campus life was also interesting, while there was a “regiment” of sorts(Be at classes at a certain time, have break-fast, lunch, etc), this was limited to just a few hours a day. The rest of the day was dedicated to student activities, for instance, there were student-led groups (one of which I attended was D&D group). From this, I was exposed to many different perspectives and ideologies which I would have never see nor found out about had I just stayed in Highland. In summary, governor’s school was a very fun experience that mixed education and social aspects perfectly, and I would recommend it for those who want to experience something new before college and get a broader idea of the people outside of our relatively small scope.”