Arkansas Parks and Tourism photographer to present at Gem and Mineral Club meeting

Kirk Stephen Jordan, Chief Photographer with Arkansas Parks, Tourism and Heritage, will present his photography in a program at the Spring River Gem and Mineral Club meeting Friday, April 7, at 10 Thunderbird Center, 62 N. Lakeshore Rd, in Cherokee Village, Jordan’s power point presentation is a “Grab Bag of Photos of the Glories of Arkansas,” featuring a large range of shots from around the state. This an interactive program– as he shows the shots, he will ask everyone to guess where they were taken. Jordan’s program is Part 2of the SRGMC mini-series “Only in Arkansas” through which we learn more about this beautiful state that we live in. Jordan is a visual poet and a “Wave Entrapment Specialist.” He feels charged with the task of channeling light and fanning amazement. He uses pen and lens to explore the marvels of the Natural World, and the Made-World. Jordan is an artist with a camera. He enjoys looking at natural things in less natural ways. He approaches seeing as a form of worship. Jordan has been chasing the glories of Arkansas for over three decades. Professionally, for the Fort Smith Southwest Times Record , next, a free-lance photographer, then, as the Photographer for the Governor, serving Huckabee, Beebe and Hutchinson. In 2016 he took the position of Chief Photographer with Arkansas Tourism. His passion IS his job. Jordan is an artist with a camera. The Spring River Gem & Mineral Club meets on the first Friday of each month, consistently presenting a program given by experts in their fields. May 5: Dr. Dan Littlefield at the Sequoyah Research Center: “ A Close up View of a Cherokee family1811-2010.” July 7: Paul Grindol, a student of energy structures in the world “Energy: the Future, Present and Past. August 4: Doug Hanson, Geologist , “The Critical, Metallic and Industrial Minerals in Arkansas. (This is Part 3 of the SRGMC mini-series, which will be continued in 2024.) September 1 :Dr. Josh Spinler, Geologist “The San Andreas Fault: Hollywood’s Natural Playground,” showing movie clips of geological events: are they fact, or fiction? October6: Dr. Gary Stinchcomb, “Human Paleontology: the Origins and Development of Early Humans.” November 3: Carla &Michael Quataert, “Exploring China and Chinese Culture through photo-graphs:; What we saw and learned about China after visiting it 5 times. ”Visitors are welcome to attend the meeting. For further info, call evenings only, 870-856-4617, or text 870-847-3109.

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