Energy and Natural Resources program set at Gem and Mineral Club July meeting

The Spring River Gem and Mineral Club will meet at 10 a.m., July 7, at Thunderbird Center located at 62N. Lakeshore Road in Cherokee Village. Energy resources have been around for a while but not fully understood.    Paul Grindol will present “Energy & Natural Resources: That Which You’re Unlikely to have Thought Much About.”  He will present this in the for-mat of the Future, the Past, and the Present. Grindol has been an investor nearly 72 years, since1951.    Part of these investments were in energy; many were in natural resources.  He has intensively researched and studied energy and natural resources over these long periods of time and put the information into perspective by studying the past, present and what the future likely will be.    He will discuss energy and these re-sources and how they will relate to you in your life in the future as well as now. Grindol will present the pros and cons of Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Natural Gas, Windmills, and Solar. Visitors are invited to attend the meeting and join us for dutch treat lunch after the meeting.  For further information, call or text 870-847-3109.

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