Cave City Watermelons

Tim Carter Melon Farm

Tim Carter Watermelons-Tim, Britney, Grayson and John AlanMain Street on Highway 167, next door to Dollar General Tim Carter is another Cave City watermelon grower that goes back several generations and shares the long line of melon blood in Cave City. Carter works a full time job at the Cave…

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Perkey and Wooldridge Farm

Perkey and Wooldridge Farms- Arba Perkey and Rustin “Tuff” Wooldridge. Pictured withemployees Shelly Gallap and Dawson Hooker. Located at 1424 Hwy. 167 North of Cave City. While Rustin Wooldridge wasn’t even a thought when the Perkey and Wooldridge Farm began over 40 years ago. There is no argument he has…

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Moore Farms

Moore Farms- Kevin Moore, Kolton Moore and Andrew CreekmoreTwo miles north of Cave City on Highway 167. Kevin Moore is a late comer to the watermelon grower scene in Cave City, but is none the less productive. Moore, who is a full time farmer and part time construction worker, began…

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