A woman who decided to go on a breaking and entering spree faces a total of 15 charges in Izard County with 12 of them felonies. On August 10 calls started coming into the Izard County Sheriff’s Office reporting numerous vehicles being broken into at Calico Rock and one in Franklin.

At approximately 7 a.m. Joseph Gardner reported his Ruger SR 22 was missing from his vehicle that was parked on his carport at Grasse Street.

Approximately 15 minutes later, Deputy Evan Jones was dispatched to take a report from Crystal Sipes in Franklin who reported her FNBC Debit Card, as well as approximately $30 cash, had been stolen from her vehicle.

At approximately 7:30 a.m., Jacob Seay, who lives adjacent to the Gardner’s residence, advised that his girlfriend’s vehicle had been broken into. While nothing appeared to have been stolen, Seay reported an object had been left in the seat and was identified as a marijuana grinder containing ground bits of green leafy substance consistent with marijuana. This item was seized as evidence in this case.

At approximately 10:00 a.m., Investigator Tyler Webb and Deputy Brock Simons observed a Chevy S-10 truck parked in a driveway on Park Street in Calico Rock with the driver’s door left open. The homeowner, John Jansky, said the door of the truck had been shut when he parked it. Jansky said the interior of his truck had been ransacked along with his Jeep Compass. The only thing that appeared to have been stolen was a box of “Milkbone” dog treats that had been sitting near the Jeep.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., another call came from Mockingbird Lane in Calico Rock. Alexis Dickerson
reported her Nissan Murano had been broken into and ransacked with miscellaneous clothing stolen as well as an unknown amount of coin change. Her husband’s truck had also been broken into and approximately $50 in cash stolen. While at the Dickerson residence, Deputy Simons and Inv. Webb were approached by a neighbor, Seth Greene, who said his
Dodge Ram had been broken into and ransacked. He reported his Apple Air-Pods Pro had been stolen but were connected to his Apple iPhone and the GPS location showed them to be in Sharp County.

It was also reported that a vehicle belonging to Morgan Branscum, and another vehicle belonging to Stone Standfield had been broken into at the same residence. Greene, Branscum, and Standfield are roommates. A pair of black Power Beats headphones were stolen out of Standfield’s vehicle and Branscum reported approximately $50 cash was stolen.

Webb contacted Hardy Police Chief Scott Rose and advised him of the investigation and requested that his agency secure the residence where they believed the stolen merchandise might be located.

With a search warrant granted, Webb traveled to 59 Gwaltney Road in Hardy and met with Rose who had advised 20-yearold Autumn Dailey of her Miranda Rights. Dailey retrieved the Air-Pods from the door pocket of her vehicle and confessed to breaking into the vehicle and stealing them.

Rose advised Webb that Dailey had confessed the firearm that had been stolen out of Izard County was under the seat of the car along with another firearm that Dailey stated she “purchased”. Dailey also stated that she did not know where exactly each vehicle that she had stolen items from was located, but stated that she just drove around stealing things out of vehicles.

Rose said the vehicle also matched the description of another vehicle break-in that had occurred in Hardy that same morning. Items were also found that are believed to have been stolen in Fulton County.

Webb closed the search warrant at approximately 6:09 p.m.

Dailey is charged in Izard County with 10 counts of breaking or entering which are class D felonies, one count of theft of property of a firearm, a class D felony, one count of theft of property of a debit card, a class D felony, three misdemeanor theft charges with items valued at less than $1000.

Dailey is currently incarcerated in the Izard County Detention Center. Bond has been set at $50,000. The Izard County Sheriff’s Office thanked Hardy Police Chief Scott Rose for his assistance in this case that involved numerous victims and multiple jurisdictions.