Body of young boater recovered on ninth day of search on Black River

Photo/Ashley Davis
Houston Morgan drown after falling from a boat on Aug. 13 while boating on the Black River with friends near Rainey Brake Access in Lynn. Search crews located the 21-year old Strawberry man’s body on Sun. Aug. 21

By: Tammy Curtis, Managing Editor

The body of the young man who fell from a boat last Saturday on the Black River near Lynn was located on Sun. Aug. 21. 21 year old Houston Morgan was pulled from the river around noon near where he fell in at Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area in Lawrence County.

Volunteers who are friends, family and church members searched extensively with their boats for Houston, who went missing on the evening of Sat. Aug. 13.

Divers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and local law enforcement agencies worked together to bring Houston back to his family over the last nine days.

One group who aided in the search efforts, United Cajun Navy’s TEAM and partner organizations, Austin Haynes, Marcus Huskey, Jr Willard and K-9 Noah said before the last day of searching prayers were offered to help find Houston “We asked for prayers from everyone to help in the recovery, a magnitude 3.1 Earthquake hit the area being searched,” many felt the earthquake was a sign they would recover Houston soon.

Hundreds of volunteers and others worked. Houston’s father said “his cup is running over” from the support of everyone involved and that the search for their missing son and called it “a blessing out of a tragedy.”

Photo/Hunter Durham
When one family is in need everyone shows up. Day seven of the search on Fri. Aug. 20 ended on the Black River near Lynn, but the outpouring of love was strong as on the first day. 40+ meals from local church’s were delivered down river to boaters so the search didn’t have to stop. A helicopter flew over head searching, Dogs from out of state and search crews from western Arkansas were just a few ways love was shown for Houston Morgan’s family.

Houston was a well known and loved young man in his community and was a Hillcrest High School graduate. His best friend Ashley Davis shared many photos of her friend and said, “He was such a kind hearted young man, and I’m so grateful I could call him my best friend.”
Law enforcement helicopters, cadaver dogs, and hundreds of volunteers showed up each day with boats to help give the family closure in locating their son.
Those without boats, shared posts and helped those who were searching by providing water and food.
Houston’s family publicly praised those who helped in any way or aided in the search of Houston during this tragedy and bringing closure to such as horrible situation.

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