I am Steven Rose candidate for Mayor of Cherokee Village. I have been a lifelong resident of the area with most of it living in Cherokee Village. I worked at Cherokee Village Waterworks for 22 years and have been a Volunteer Firefighter since 1998 getting my start at Cherokee Village.
In December 2019 I started Hookem Up Towing and with God’s blessing is flourishing. I am a faithful member of Crossroads Baptist Church in Ash Flat. I lived in the City of Highland for a while and was elected to serve on the city council for three years until I moved back into Cherokee Village. I enjoyed being a voice for the people while on city council.
So enough with the I’s, this election is for all the people of Cherokee Village to have a voice.
As Mayor, I will be available for all citizens to talk to. We may not agree on everything, but we will do what’s best for the city as a whole.
I am very conservative minded and feel that in todays world we have to be frugal with spending. We, as stewards of the citizens money, need to be sure it’s spent on needs, not wants.
So if you would like to talk to me, send me a text message or contact me through messenger. I will do my best to answer everyone. I would appreciate your vote for Mayor Cherokee Village Thank you and God Bless . 870-710-3388