Probationer arrested after showing up to probation high with meth in vehicle

A Fulton County woman who was already on probation for drug charges out of Crittenden County was arrested after she showed up to her probation visit high on methamphetamine.
Fulton County Probation officer Steve Simers called Narcotics Investigator Blair Ables when he recognized Autumn Elise Herndon, 27, exhibited signs indicating she was under the influence of intoxicants. Simers administered a drug test and Herndon failed the test.
Arkansas State Trooper Jason Hooks arrived and conducted a field sobriety test on Herndon, and determined she should not be driving and asked her to call someone. Simers searched Herndon’s vehicle and found a glove containing a white crystalline substance that Ables later tested and determined it to be methamphetamine.
Simers noted that as soon as the drug was located, Herndon put her hands behind her back and surrendered to law enforcement. The methamphetamine weighed More than two grams but less than ten grams.
A search of her cell phone by Simers also indicated conversations related to drug related transactions, indicating Herndon had been purchasing and selling drugs.
Herndon, pled guilty in Crittenden County on May 5 to a felony possession of drug paraphernalia charge. In June, she was again arrested for driving on a suspended license and careless and prohibited driving . She pled guilty to the charges in Crittenden County and was put on three years probation. Herndon’s criminal history dates back to 2017.
She has numerous arrests and citations on her record including drug and paraphernalia possession, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of an instrument of crime, driving on a suspended driver’s license, as well as failure to comply on previous probation charges in which she was given suspended imposition of sentences and put on probation. All of the previous charges were out of the West Memphis area.
Judge Tim Weaver set Herndon’s bond at $15,000 cash or professional. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Dwayne Plumee charged Herndon with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, a Class B Felony.

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