Highland loses show pigs in bizarre pit bull attack

One of FFA students favorite things is showing the animals they raised in fairs and livestock shows. Just days before two Highland FFA student’s pigs were set to be shown at the state fair, they were attacked and devoured by two pit bull dogs on Oct. 18.
Highland Police Chief Steve Dravenstott received a call around 11:40 a.m. from Jeremiah Birkhead regarding two dogs that had gotten into the Highland FFA Livestock barn and killed two show pigs. He described the dogs to Dravenstott, who came in contact with the dogs across the street from the Highland Middle School on Hitochee Drive. Scott Brewer met him and confirmed they were the dogs. Dravenstott tried to call them in hopes of catching them but the dogs kept their distance growling at him. As he attempted to find where they had come from, he noticed they wanted to stay close to the school.
He tried to run them in hope of finding their home. Highland School Resources officers assisted in corralling them for capture.
Once the Cherokee Village Animal Control officer arrived, they were unable to get close enough to put a catch pole on them and the two dogs escaped, running toward the front doors of the Cherokee Elementary School.
Dravenstott said, “With the risk of the circumstance of why we were trying to capture the dogs and fear of them attacking a child, I made the decision to put them down.”
On Oct. 19, the dog’s owner, Justin Ladd came into Dravenstott’s office and told him he was willing to make it right and take care of everything.
The first pig, a 317 pound Hamp cross gilt was owned by Brinley Brink and valued at $1,948.57. The other show big was a also a Hamp cross guilt, weighing 315 pounds belonging to Dallas Birkhead. The total cost for both pigs is $3,889.14.

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