Sharp County offices affected by Cyber Attack

By srchronicle11 Nov10,2022

Tammy Curtis, Managing Editor

Anyone who has business at the Sharp or Fulton County tax collector’s offices is asked to bring any paper statements they may have in when they go to pay their taxes. In Sharp County, Tax Collector-Elect Michelle Daggett said due to cyber attack on the Apprentice Information Services online serves that occurred over the weekend, most state offices have been forced to go back to the hand writing receipts and other correspondence. 

Daggett said her office was closed early on Monday and all day Tuesday but opened on Wednesday. The computer system could be down for two to four weeks. She said the collector’s office can hand write receipts but can’t look up anything via the computer. They cannot take any payment types except check or money orders, no cash or debit or credit cards. 

In addition to the collector’s office, the assessor’s and treasurers office as well as the portion of the Circuit Clerk’s office that processes checks is also shut down. 

The State Revenue Office was not affected by the breech as they operate off another system. We will have a more in depth updated article in the Nov. 16 edition.

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