The Spring River Gem & Mineral Club Christmas party was held on December 2 at the North Golf Course Conference Center in Cherokee Village.
Members and guests enjoyed the pot luck of turkey, ham, and all the accompanying dishes.
President Wayne Pinner announced the 2023 officers. He will continue to serve as President; Vice-President, Dave Thomas, and Secretary-Treasurer , Mary Thomas. Lynn and Ruth Maxedon gifted agate specimens to everyone. Honorary member John Riggs made and gifted wooden slab stands, while Mary Kocz and Paul Grindol gifted slabs. Party planner Barbra Knight decorated the tables for the festive party, and provided door prizes of gem trees and prized mineral specimens. The mineral specimens included several large quartz crystal clusters, large pink dolomite, a 10” selenite wand, a pair of open geode halves, and more. Marcia Hovinga entertained by reading, with props, the traditional “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” then several variations of that well-known poem. “A Tired Mom’s Christmas” and “An Ozark Christmas” were humorous, while “Twas the Night Before Jesus” poignantly focused on the true meaning of Chirstmas.
The highlight of the SRGMC party was the announcement of the prestigious 2022 Rockhound of the Year Award.
The 2021 Rockhounds of the Year were James and Linda O’Neal. They were selected for their willingness to be “jack-of –all-trades,” quietly lending their help to facilitate the smooth operation of club tasks and needs. As the last recipients of this award, it was their honor to select the 2022 SRGMC Rockhound of the Year. “We based our selection on club activity and participation in events, along with planning for upcoming events, and serving as club officers and constant attendance at meetings. The selection this year is for an unassuming couple who donated freely of their time, knowledge and energy, Dave and Mary Thomas. “
As Field Trip Chairman, Dave Thomas arranged monthly field trips to museums and rockhounding digs, while Mary assisted him and served as club Secretary. “They contributed their time, and through their efforts, willingness, and enthusiasm, we all have the opportunity to continue to enjoy being members of this wonderful organization,” stated Linda O’Neil.
Along with a wooden plaque mounted with a quartz crystal cluster, designed by Jim and Linda, they also presented 2 certificates of appreciation. One was from the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies and another from the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.
Congratulations to Dave and Mary Thomas. You will long be remembered in the SRGMC Rockhound Hall of Fame.
The Spring River Gem & Mineral club will resume meeting at 10 a.m. on March 3, 2023, and continue on the first Friday of each month hereafter at Thunderbird Center in Cherokee Village.