Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined  Fox and Friends  to  discuss  signing Arkansas LEARNS into law and new social media legislation. We are taking a massive, comprehensive approach to look at education. We didn’t just tinker with the system — we are flipping it on its head and making major investments into education and the success of our kids. A lot of the focus has certainly been on the education freedom accounts that allow parents and students to have more power about where and how they are educated, but that is only  part of the puzzle. We are going from  the bottom of the country, at number 48 for teacher pay, to the top five by the start of the school year. We are also putting major investments into literacy in the state be-cause we know it is a huge indicator and a major benchmark for success of students. If they can’t  read by the time they are in third grade, we are setting them up for failure. We are also hiring through the state 120 literacy coaches that will be deployed to  schools to help  catch those students up and put them on a pathway to success. ”Sanders on new social media legislation:  “I am a parent of  three young  kids and  the world that they are growing up in can be pretty  terrifying.  We know in study after study, the data suggests that the more kids are on their phones and ex-posed to  the things that they can  see  on social media, that we’re seeing  a massive  increase in de-pression, anxiety and suicide rates, particularly  among teen girls.  What we are pushing for in  legislation here in the state of  Arkansas is that any new user under the age of 18 has to have parental con-sent in order to be on a social media app. It doesn’t mean you can’t  be  on there,  it just means your parents need  to know if you are. That process also heightens awareness so parents are paying closer attention to what their kids are doing, and will hopefully  limit the amount  of time kids are spending on  social media in our state.”