For the love of plants… Leona’s Garden blooms for all

By: Tammy Curtis, Managing Editor

While being raised around green houses, Leona’s Faver’s mother helped her learn about starting seeds and the art of planting and nourishing the plants to keep them healthy. “I was raised in a green-house. My mom had a greenhouse so I learned everything I know from her. I have been doing this since I was 13 years old,” she said. While Leona admits there is a lot of hard work involved to planting, watering and tending the hundreds of plants including vegetables at her garden, the fruit of her labor is always worthwhile. From rose bushes to ornamental grasses, annuals and perennial plants, berries and shrubs, her garden is overflowing with colorful beau-ty. A steady stream of customers makes their way to her business and often, many seek her advice on planting and which types work best in various locations. Leona moved to Arkansas from Kentucky in 2020. She has lived all over the country including Wisconsin and Vermont but decided to start her greenhouse right in the middle of the Covid pandemic to see if it would go over in the area. “I was so nervous about it, but we sold out before Mother’s Day the first year in one greenhouse.” The pandemic brought out a new found desire for not only more self sufficiency when businesses were shut down, but also brought with it a need for new hobbies. Many took up gardening and this made for the perfect recipe for success for her small business. Last year, she added a second green-house with vegetable plants of all kinds. Leona’s Garden also has a large supply of various succulents that are a favorite among many non-green thumb gardeners. Also setting Leona’s Garden apart from other nurseries is their beautiful cone planters with larger amounts of flowers overflowing from them. These area customer favorite because of their size and unique planter style. She is expanding her nursery with her husband to include shrubs, flowering bushes and fruit trees. “I don’t want another green-house,” she laughed. She is planning to be open this summer on weekend with her nursery and produce. In the fall she produces some of the largest and most beautiful mums in the area. She said this is a tremendous amount of work but hopes to install a drip system this year to water the bushes. Leona also is seeking a supplier for pumpkins to add to her fall bounty. While she at-tempted to grow them last year, squash bugs had their fill and destroyed her potential crop. Leona’s Garden is located just outside Cave City on High-way 63 near the old Mobley’s Hardware Store. She is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. For more information call Leona at 606-226-5906.

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