The Reverend Billy Holland

For those of you that read this column, I hope the insights and considerations are worth your time. I have political and social speculations like all of you, but I would much rather stay focused on how awesome God is. I’m just a student desiring to understand what I believe, while also trying to listen carefully and be discerning about the convictions of others. Everyone has their own opinions about everything, and when we become involved in endless criticisms and accusations, it accomplishes nothing. In fact, it makes things worse and we have enough of that already. It’s important to me that I know why I believe my views and this can only be accomplished through prayer and study. If we desire to present Christ to a confused world, He pleads with us to surrender our will and learn how to live in the awareness of His presence. Some of you have been asking me to share a few things about my personal life, so first of all, our daughter-in-law had twins last month and Mother and the babies are perfect. Thank you, Jesus! Our four-year-old grandson now has a brother and sister! They are so beautiful. We also have another adorable 10-month-old granddaughter that lives in Denver. I realize I’m preaching to the choir when I say that grandchildren are amazing. Our grandson loves to spend the night at our house on Friday nights, and it’s always non-stop action of laughter and entertainment. He is so smart and never forgets anything. We pray for these young ones and are concerned about the evil world they will face, but I’m sure people thought the same thing about us. It’s true, the world is declining spiritually, but when we read I John 4:4, we are assured that God’s light always overcomes the darkness. I’ve been a Christian minister and truth seeker for 40 years, and have earned four degrees from two Seminaries. I am currently working on a Ph.D. in Biblical history from a third Seminary. I just want to know more about God. Some of you might know that I’m also a certified fire district chaplain with our county, and a volunteer chaplain for a Veterans healthcare facility where I lead Bible studies and sing the old hymns with my guitar. I enjoy being with people and have realized that just taking the time to listen to others is one of the greatest ways we can show that we care. I was having lunch the other day with a good friend that is battling cancer, and he said that life can change very quickly along with our attitudes and perspectives. When healthy, we are confident in our own strength, but when we are weak, we understand more about humility, faith, and priorities. In the end, hopefully, we will know that life was all about love. The love God gave to us, and how much love we passed on to others. When it comes to my writing, I began back in the early eighties writing, singing, and recording music about faith and personal intimacy with God. This led to sermons, leading worship, devotions, blogs, funerals, weddings, videos, cd’s, books, and eventually expanded from a church environment to the realm of public media. I’m not sure how many newspapers or news agencies publish “Living on Purpose” each week, but at one time it was estimated that around 200 newspapers were using my work. It’s an honor as a freelance/non-syndicated faith columnist to have the opportunity to reach this many readers. Thankyou for all the emails and letters, they are very encouraging. I’m also a content coordinator for Best Version Media where I write feature articles for one of their many monthly magazines, and currently working on my fourth book. You can read more about the books on Amazon and my web-site. Along with a small group of volunteers, we operate a non-profit charitable organization called, “Walking Thru Ministries” a weekly food distribution program for the needy. Stores and co-ops give us food and we give it out to families, churches, and other outreach ministries. There are many people, especially children in our area that are struggling to make ends meet. I do not have room to share all the activities my wife and I are involved in, but I just wanted to say how much we appreciate your kind-ness, prayers, support, and friendship. It’s a privilege to serve God and discuss His word with you each week. “Blessed are the ones who find wisdom, and those who gain understanding” Proverbs 3:13.Read more about the Christian life at