By: Tammy Curtis, Managing Editor

The First Son was present in Little Rock at the Stephens Building on June 16 to complete his court ordered deposition in the ongoing child support case between him and Lunden Roberts, the Southside resident and mother of his child, Navy. An order to appeal filed in the case alleges Hunter Biden failed to fully answer 13 of the required questions during earlier inquiries about items about his financial situation. The current legal challenge centers on the amount of child support payments Biden makes to Roberts. Hunter, through his attorney, Washington, D.C. based Abbe David Lowell and Brent M. Langdon have filed paperwork in an attempt to have the $20,000 a month child support payments lowered due to what Biden’s claim is his inability to make the required payments due to changes in financial circumstances since the 2020agreement.

Roberts first filed a claim for child support in October of 2019 and filed motions to compel Biden to take a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her child. A month later the tests confirmed Biden’s paternity. Independence County Circuit Judge Holley Meyer ordered Biden to appear for the deposition when he was in court on May 1 in Batesville. Since that court day, filings with the court through Roberts attorneys, Clinton and Jennifer Lancaster ,have been filed in an effort to have Biden held in contempt of court and possibly jailed for attempting to conceal his finances in the case. On Monday, June12 Meyer is-sued an order for Biden to appear on July 10 to explain to the court “why he should not be held in contempt” The judge said the Roberts attorneys were seeking and that she would consider, “punishment or sanctions” against Hunter Biden, including“ incarceration for civil contempt until such time as the defendant fully answers discovery for a period of up to six months” and “incarceration for criminal contempt for a period of up to six months.” Meyer added that Hunter Biden “is hereby given notice that his ability to pay is or may become acritical issue in the contempt proceeding” and that the president’s son “will have an opportunity at the hearing to respond to statements and questions about his financial status.”

The judge added that Hunter Biden “is subject to an express finding by the court that he has the ability to pay.” According to various reports both locally and nationally as well as in court records, Biden’s daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, was born in Arkansas in August2018. He initially denied paternity or of meeting Lunden Roberts at a Washington, D.C. night-club. DNA tests proved otherwise in Jan. 2020. Hunter settled with Roberts in 2020, which included back child support payments from the child’s birth and has since paid $20,000 per month in child support. It was Biden himself who later re-opened the case in an attempt to persuade the court to lower his child support. Clinton Lancaster, a lawyer for Roberts, filed the motion for sanctions and contempt with the court in May, arguing that“ the defendant was ordered to do something, and he did not and that is a habit and a game for Mr. Biden.”

“Right now, Mr. Biden does not want to disclose his income and assets, says that he is some-what financially destitute, while he lives on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, has Secret Service protection, and enjoys his time abroad (which he has also lied about in discovery),” Lancaster added in the May filing. In December 2022 after Biden’s attempt to lower his support, Roberts attorney’s also filed a motion to change Navy’s last name to Biden. The filing was made stating the Biden name is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

Biden’s attorneys have sought to block his daughter from taking on the family’s last name Meyer said Monday that one of the sanctions she was considering was striking Hunter Biden’s legal filings fighting the name change. The judge ruled in May that Roberts and Joe Biden’s son will need to sit for depositions in June, when Hunter will need to answer detailed questions about his income. This was the reason for his June 16 appearance in Little Rock. Hunter Biden is due in court on the contempt allegations on July 10 in Batesville.