A Fulton County woman, who was arrested with her husband last June for permitting the rape of a child was sentenced to five years probation on June 26 in Fulton County Circuit Court. Lori Huckabee, 39, of Mammoth Spring pled guilty to a Class B Felony charge of Permitting Child Abuse, before Circuit Court Judge Tim Weaver. Huckabee’s husband, Chad Huckabee, 40, who was already a registered Level Two sex of-fender at the time of the crime, was sentenced on April 17 to15 years in prison for second degree sexual assault in the case. According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in Fulton County Circuit Court, the Crimes Against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police(CACD) conducted an interview with the child who disclosed to them that Chad Huckabee, 39,performed “deviate sexual acts” on a nine-year-old female child while she was in the care of he and his wife. The child also told the investigator that on one occasion Lori had entered the bedroom and told her husband to stop. While he stopped the act, Lori chose not to report the crime. This happened a second time, while his wife was in the same bed and she again told him to stop. This time he did, but she again did not report the crime to authorities.