Tammy Curtis, Editor

It is the most wonderful time of the year, again, and it’s time to throw on those hunting shoes, not the kind you wear into the woods for deer or other wildlife, but when you search forfor real treasure. This is the seventh year for our Lost Elf Treasure Hunt and there is a lot at stake.  This year we have expanded to include our very supportive neighbors in Salem and Cave City with over $1600 in cash and prizes hidden collectively.

The Treasure Hunt began around noon in all locations. Through the wonderful support of our sponsors, we are making Christmas HUGE this year, as we are having three separate hunts. 

Hidden in plain sight in a public location are three of Santa’s jingle bell elves. Clues will ONLY be available in the sponsor businesses locations. One clue is issued per week in each hunt. The clues in the businesses are the same. Each week, for two weeks. If the treasure isn’t found before (which has only happened once) clues will be available online also. This is a Shop Local event and while it is free to participate, the Spring River Chronicle encourages patrons to shop in the businesses with the clues for everyone on their lists. The only rule is that previous winners are not eligible to participate.

Once the treasure is found, there will be instructions with the elf with a number to call or text to let us know you have found the treasure.  You MUST take a photo with the elf in the location in which it was found. 

Prizes this year include $100 Walmart gift cards, cash and gift certificates from businesses in all towns. 

Please be kind and remember these fine folks live and work here all year long, just like us. The business owners are your neighbors and your friends.. the one who sponsor your children’s activities and by supporting them, you are also helping grow our local econmy.

Please shop local, as these businesses have so many gift options. Happy Hunting. Their pages are below and the ads will be on our FB page too.