From a Press Release from Sheriff Shane Russell

A Jan. 3, 2024, in which the Sharp County Sheriff’s Deartment responded sounded more like something out of unreal drama or even far fetched comedy, had it not been for the injury of one of those involved.

Sharp County Deputies responded to Eagle Trail Road in Ozark Acres in reference to a shooting where a male subject had been shot multiple times. The victim, identified as Joseph Blake Mitchell had called 911 stating he had been shot four times by Leo Noel. When deputies arrived, they located Joesph in the floor inside his residence and discovered him with three gunshot wounds to his right leg and one in his left. 

The victim was transported to the White River Medical Center in Batesville for non life threatening injuries. The suspect had also contacted 911 stating he had been attacked by Mitchell. He explained as he was attempting to leave Mitchell’s residence, he climbed on top of Noel’s truck and began striking the windshield with a machete. Noel told officers he had shot Joseph in self-defense. Noel was taken into custody by the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office on an investigative hold. 

A search warrant was executed on Noel’s truck and six shell casings were located. Six bullet holes were also located on the driver side of the windshield including evidence of a large object striking from the outside of the vehicle. Search warrants were served on the residences of both individuals to obtain evidence to substaintiate the case. The execution of both warrants led to a further investigation and the discovery of two ounces of methamphetamine, distribution amounts of marijuana, shrooms, narcotics, needles and 12 firearms. In all, four search warrants were executed in the case. In reference to the shooting incident, no formal charges have been filed, pending further investigation. 

Following the execution of all four search warrants, the following individuals were arrested on multiple drug and firearms related charges. Leo Noel, Randy Mitchell and Jessica Camp. 

Sheriff Shane Russell said, “I emphasized upon taking office that I will take crimes involving drugs and firearms very seriously as it leads to not only unexpected overdoses, but also  to violence. I will continue to have a zero tolerance for such crimes in Sharp County and after the seizure of nearly $1.6 million worth of drugs in 2023 within the Third Judicial District Drug Task Force, my office will continue removing these crimes from Sharp County, and I will hold individuals involved responsible and accountable.”