Update to this morning’s story (posted below): According to Sharp County Sherif Shane Russell, Norris has been transported to Little Rock where he will undergo surgery from injuries he sustained during the pursuit earlier this morning before being booked into the detention center, first in Independence County, and later, for charges pending in Sharp County.

Tammy Curtis, Publisher 9:38 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 14, 2024
After being on the run for nearly four months, Rickey Norris who has been wanted in Sharp County after stolen merchandise was found in a shed at his home on Sept. 26, was arrested in Independence County around 9 a.m. According to Sharp County Sheriff Shane Russell, Norris led police on a pursuit in the county in a truck he is believed to have stolen last night out of Jackson County. He was ultimately pitted out by an Arkansas State Police Trooper and taken into custody. He is currently being booked into the Independence County jail with charges pending after he was also found in possession of a firearm.
Norris has been wanted in Sharp County since September when Scott Breckenridge witnessed him leaving a shop he owned on a four wheeler. At that time, he had allegedly broken into it or was attempting to break into it. The building was located on North Ridge Road at Cave City.
On Sept. 24, 2023, Sharp County deputies received a tip that several items that had been stolen in recent months were at an address on East Red Barn Road in Evening Shade. When Deputies responded to the address, a male subject, who was later identified as Rickey Norris fled from the property. Consent was later obtained from the landlord to conduct a search of the property that included included a small shed, and the residence itself. Several items known to be stolen were located. Although the exact value of these items is unknown, it is believed that at least $25,000 worth of property was recovered. Evidence at the residence would also show Norris to be the primary suspect.
As the thorough search was conducted, a burn pile was located in which documents and other items were found. These items include photographs, schoolwork and report cards dating back to the 1960s. Several of the documents were able to be collected without causing major damage. These types of documents are typically kept as keepsakes and passed on for several generations within a family.
Sheriff Russell said, “The acts of this suspect are not only illegal but disgusting. Let this be a reminder to not only him, but to any other individuals who have stolen or are stealing. Don’t take something that isn’t yours. You have no legal right to them, and these victims have worked hard for what they have. This has been an ongoing investigation for several months and although we have been able to locate one of the primary locations, it is believed other stolen property has yet to be recovered. The description of these items are being withheld due to the security needed to locate the rightful owners. If you believe your items may have been recovered, the Sheriff’s Office requests you contact us between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. You will be provided with a statement form to fill out. Please provide detailed descriptions of the property to include serial numbers or other identifiable means such as markings or damage.”
Throughout the time Norris was wanted, the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Russell had exhausted all leads that came in during in their attempts to locate Norris in the county. The arrest in Independence County is where Norris is believed to have been hiding during this time. Sheriff Russell thanked the Independence County Sheriff’s office and Arkansas State Police for their work in apprehending Norris earlier this morning.
The SRC will update this story once he is booked into the detention facility and charges are filed against Norris in both counties and possibly Jackson for the theft of the vehicle.

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