Gary Branscum

Most know the circumstances surrounding Gary, Lenisa, Justin and Zach Branscum. Gary has been in and out the hospital since Jan. 6 with cardiac issues. He has been at St.Vincent in Little Rock all month and had open heart surgery on Feb. 14.

Since that time, he has had multiple complications and been fighting for his life- he is still in ICU at this time  and his family has not left his side since January.

 A special group of men have went together and bought a gun to raise money for the family during this difficult time- Gary has a very long road of recovery ahead of him. He will need extensive therapy and rehabilitation when he gets off the critical list, not to mention the support of his family who hasn’t been working during this time.

Anyone who knows this man and his family know they are some of the best people you will ever meet. “Let’s rally around this family- show our support- get the word out.” 

The gun is a Beretta 12 gauge- tickets ar $20 each or six for $100.

Several people around Salem will have tickets- also the Spring River Home Health office and Whatever on the square have tickets available. Below are names of people you can contact to purchase tickets.

Ticket sales will end March 17 at 5 p.m. and we will have a live drawing on here at 7 p.m. on Facebook Live.

The winner of the gun will be responsible for picking it up at Bob’s Gun’s in Mountain Home and filling out the proper paperwork.


Jamie Robbins- 870-371-0699

Stacey Robbins 870-371-0909

Bryan Manes   870-371-0824

Michelle Ward 870-926-7425

Michele Tomlinson 870-577-4023