The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce held a Blue Ribbon Welcome at Artasia Design, Bistro and Apothecary July 21 at 112 E. Main Street in Hardy. Artasia Design offers fabulous art, crafts and sewing materials and supplies as well as finished products, such as quilts and paintings. There is also a coffee Bistro that sells sandwiches, wraps, pizzas and more. For more information about Artasia Design and Bistro call 870-209-7606.Pictured from left front are: Keldon Witt, Nick Gonzalez, Laura Smith, Katy Rupp, Natty Crowley, and Madison Keith with Artasia Design. (Back Row) Ethan Barnes, Clint Wiles, Jody Sober; Fred Holzhauer, and Doug McConnell.

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