Hardy History Association gets museum grant

The Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism recently announced $25,000 in grants for 10 historic properties and museums across the state. Funded by the 1/8thcent conservation tax, the awards help small history museums, historical societies, historic houses and sites, and military museums promote education, awareness and enjoyment of Arkansas history.

“Arkansas’s community- based museums are one of our state’s many treasures,” said Stacy Hurst, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism. “These grants provide financial support for the business of day-to-day operations so that they can focus on telling the story of Arkansas.”

Locally, award recipients are:
· Calico Rock Community Foundation, Inc., for Calico Rock Museum operating expenses, $2,500
· Five Rivers Historic Preservation, Inc., for Randolph County Heritage Museum 2022 utilities, $2,500

· Hardy History Association, for the “Oral Histories and Living Legacies” project, $2,500 The Small Museum Grant Program aims to increase the ability of community- based small museums and organizations to research, preserve, present and conserve Arkansas history. Arkansas Heritage Director Jimmy Bryant expanded how critical funding support can be for small museums and historical sites.

“Small museums can find it difficult to get funding for daily operations,” Bryant said. “These grants provide financial support so that they can continue to protect the best of Arkansas, as well as spread the word about what makes these resources so special.”

Eligible organizations must have an annual operating budget of $250,000 or less; must have a staff of at least one person, either paid or volunteer; and must be open to the public at least 90 days per year. Eligible activities include buildings and grounds maintenance, operating costs, equipment purchases up to $1,000, accessioning of artifact collections, educational programming, research, exhibits, and web site design and maintenance. The maximum grant award is $2,500. Bryant presented ceremonial checks to the grant recipients at an event at Arkansas Heritage headquarters.

To learn more about the application process, visit https://www.arkansasheritage.com/available-grants/ division-of-arkansas-heritage- grants/small-museum- grants-program . The deadline for the next cycle of grant applications is October 20, 2022. Awards are granted twice per year.

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