General Election sees several contested local races

Deadlines have past for filing in the 2022 General Election coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
Locally there are several contested races. Anyone residing in Sharp County can vote in any polling location or at the County Clerk’s offie in Ash Flat
The following is a list of contested county and municipal races as well as those seeking school board positions.

Sharp County Races

County Judge
Mark Counts, Republican and Jeremy Langston, Independent
Constable District 6 Luke Vandevort, Republican and Israel Hester, Independent
Municipal Filings in Sharp County City of Ash Flat

City of Cherokee Village
Rob Smith and Steven Rose
City Council
Ward 3, Position 2—Steve Thompson, incumbent and Joey Whited Ward

City of Evening Shade
Susan Kunkel Perkey
City Council
Position 6—Chaney Emmerich and Chan Bailey

City of Hardy
Ethan J. Barnes

City of Highland
Billy “Turk” Johns and Kyle Crawford

Highland School Ballot Measure
38.9 Mill School Tax
The total tax rate proposed above includes the uniform rate of tax (the “Statewide Uniform Rate”) to be collected on all taxable property in the State and remitted to the State Treasurer pursuant to Amendment No. 74 to the Arkansas Constitution to be used solely for maintenance and operation of schools in the State. As provided in Amendment No. 74, the Statewide Uniform Rate replaces a portion of the existing rate of tax levied by this School District and available for maintenance and operation of schools in this District.
The total proposed school tax levy of 38.9 mills includes 25.0 mills specifically voted for general maintenance and operation, 5.0 mills for debt service previously voted as a continuing levy pledged for the retirement of existing bonded indebtedness, and 8.9 new debt service mills. The 8.9 new debt service mills plus the existing 5.0 debt service mills now pledged for the retirement of existing bonded indebtedness, which debt service mills continue after retirement of the bonds to which now pledged, will be a continuing debt service tax until the retirement of proposed bonds to be issued in the principal amount of $24, 670, 000 and which will mature over a period of 28 years and will be issued for the purpose of constructing and equipping a new high school; and constructing, refurbishing, remodeling and equipping other school facilities. The surplus revenues produced each year by debt service millage may be used by the District for other school purposes.
The total proposed school tax levy of 38.9 mills represents an increase of 8.9 mills from the rate presently being levied.

City of Williford
Linda Brock and Joan Hunnicutt
Phillip Allan and Ronda Schilling

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