From Court documents

An Evening Shade woman was formally charged in Sharp County Circuit Court on Nov. 4 for an Aug. 30 incident where she admitted that she had used the credit card of an elderly, disabled woman for who she had been hired as a caregiver.
Bridget Wallace, 40, was reported to the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department by the woman’s husband on Aug. 30.
The man discovered his credit card balance due went from zero to $4,384.34 and reported to the officers that she had not used the card. After discovering it missing from her purse, he called the police. He also discovered that $12,700 in cash within the home was also missing. He told the investigator that besides Wallace, he and his wife were the only ones who came in and out of the home.
The following day in a phone call that Sharp County Deputy Marc Boyd recorded and witnessed, Wallace admitted to the woman’s husband she had taken the card and used it.
Wallace was charged with Financial Identity Fraud, a Class B Felony; Theft of Property and a Class C Felony; and Theft of Property, a Class D Felony.