Photo/Tammy Curtis
NADC Headstart, along Pace Morby, (right in black), his wife, Lara and daughter along with an Arkansas crew from his Subto real estate training served 300 a community feast last Tuesday in Batesville.

By: Tammy Curtis, Managing Editor

Last week Pace Morby host of A and E’s most popular show, Triple Digit Flip, and his wife Laura ,and daughters were in Batesville from their home in Mesa, Ariz. to co-host a community Thanksgiving feast with the NADC Headstart. During the event, Morby and his film crew were also shooting a community Youtube video.
Morby and his crew of teams, who have built real estate businesses from the ground up by utilizing his program, came from across the nation and state. They bought, cooked, prepared and served meals for 300 people.
Morby become synonymous with creative financing, subject to deals, and flipping. He is one of the most educated players in the real estate game on all things related to non-traditional financing including not utilizing bank financing in his flips.
Morby’s fame came from utilizing dozens of virtually unknown strategies to acquire 1,000 homes and businesses nationwide and a portfolio totaling $150 million in assets. Each week, he teaches tens of thousands of students creative financing in his online communities and strives to be the #1 source for anyone looking to get started in real estate through his Subto classes.
Several volunteers from Head Start also helped carve hams and turkeys and keep the food plentiful for those serving. Morby’s Subto contractors from Cabot and Fayettevllle, along with Morby and his family helped serve the large crowd, ham, turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls and deserts and drinks.