From court and police records and witness accounts

A repeat offender from Salem found himself behind bars just days after his late father’s salvage business sold to an Ash Flat couple. Dusty Reynolds, 34,was arrested on Jan.27 after taking over $25,000 worth of items from Lynn’s Salvage. Lynn’s mother, Tammy, reportedly told police her son took items from the scrap yard and unplugged the security system on Jan10 and Jan. 13.Colton and Hollie Wilson entered an agreement to purchase the business on Jan. 11and signed a contract on Jan.13 that gave them immediate access to property and to secure and protect assets. Taken from the business was a Landoll trailer valued at $20,000; a mobile home hauler truck valued at $1,500 and boxes of copper were reported missing that were valued at$3,000; a Husquavarna chop saw, valued at $1,800 and the camera system. In total, merchandise taken from his late father’s shop was over $25,000. During the investigation it was learned that Reynolds had taken the shops DVR to “look at some footage” and that he had taken the Landoll trailer to allegedly do a job but left it somewhere due to some mechanical issues. Investigators reviewed the footage from the DVR. It shows Reynolds in the office on two separate nights on Jan. 10 and Jan. 13. During the Jan. 13 incident, video showed Reynolds in the office around 10:30 p.m. for some period of time behind the cameras before the footage stopped . This was due to being unplugged or turned off. Both nights the cameras had been unplugged from the DVR. Reynolds was charged by Third Judicial District Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Dwayne Plumlee with Class C felony charges of Theft of Property and Commercial Burglary with a felony enhancement for being a habitual offender. Reynolds remains in the Fulton County Detention Center in lieu of a $25,000 bond in the case.