An Ash Flat man is behind bars on a $1 million bond in Sharp County awaiting the formal filing of charges for allegedly raping a child multiple times over a year period of a time. Sharp County Sheriff Shane Russell is-sued a press release in the incident stating that 64-year-old Terry Long, AKA “Wood-stock”, was arrested by his department on June 22.The incident that led to Long’s arrest came after a June15 call to the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office from the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division regarding the alleged sexual assault of a minor. Further investigation, including interviews, indicated that Long had groomed and raped the child. A source close to the victim wanted to speak out about the alleged crime in hope of allowing other potential victims the opportunity to come forward. She said she felt that since Long was in jail other victims might feel safe enough to talk about things that may have happened to them also. She said as a survivor of child sexual abuse a person is al-ways seeing signs of rape and molestation everywhere. But, as a prior victim it be-comes more difficult to determine whether the suspected abuse is real or whether they are projecting it based on their experiences. She said in the victim’s case, the family had just moved to the area. In the absence of community friends, Long took the family under his wing and made them feel welcome. The source said she began to notice him paying more attention to the 10year old child than the other two. She said she even asked if he touched her inappropriately. She always told her no, yet she still remained suspicious. She explained Long was a very friendly old man just like perpetrator. He was not related in anyway to the family and always went out of his way to make them feel safe. She said she be-came even more concerned with the relationship between the victim and Long. “Hebe came slightly extra friendly wanting to taking her places and buying her whatever she wanted, giving her money, toys, candy and lots of gifts,” she explained. The child was the only girl of the siblings and be-cause the family was isolated and homeschooled, Long took her places weekly. They had known Long since 2017 when he befriend her husband and entire family and was affectionate to the entire family, but extra to the victim. The source said the family left the state, after living in close proximity to Long and she said it was the first time she thought the young girl, who is now 12,felt safe enough to discuss her abuse with a family friend. After the source was made aware by the friend she said “I hotlined him that night and got a call from an interviewer that next morning.” She called back next day to request them to come to Batesville to the Advocacy Center todo an interview and medical examination.“ Four days later, they had enough evidence including from medical examination to arrest him after the interview.” She said Long told the child it was normal to take part in this type of sexual activities and that it washer duty. “I wish he was the person I thought he was, but the person he is deserves to bein jail,” she said of Long who the family thought of as not only a friend, but family. I feel like he preyed on us because we didn’t have ties to the community and he thought we wouldn’t tell anyone. I feel like he uses the perception of power as a safety net for himself,” she explained. The source said the one thing she regretted was not trusting her gut instinct. She only wishes she had been able to protect the child. She said Long told the child he would “rape her, kill her and dump her body where nobody would ever find it if she ever told anyone.,” she said. The source also explained that she found evidence that was turned over to the police including the victim’s phone “I saw the evidence and I have irrefutable evidence of what he did.”

“The Sharp County Sheriff’s office kept me informed and worked so hard and fast to get this concluded quickly,” she said of the four days to have the perpetrator behind bars and for two more victims to come forward.“ Josh (Williams, investigator) is amazing, he is on my side and working for me. I really appreciated how hard they worked to listen to our concerns and follow through even if I was bugging them every day. The new administration is awesome, the new sheriff is on top of this. This could have dragged out for so long,” she said of law enforcement’s quick action in the case. Her main concern was not with the punishment Long would face for his crime but for other victims. “I am really hoping they can see that it is over and can breathe and start healing. Living your life with that pain and cloud over you is so hard. I wish healing for the other victims more than anything. Silence is what keeps everyone in danger,” she explained. Long appeared be-fore Judge Alexan-der Bigger in Sharp County. Long’s bond was set at $1 cash or professional with the stipulation that if professional bond was posted, it must be a minimum of 10percent cash. Additional charges are also pending after interviews were con-ducted with other victims. Sheriff Russell said his department is also expecting additional charges of the same nature against Long, in those cases. This news agency will continue to update the public with the court case as it proceeds through the