A Memorial Day weekend trip went horribly wrong for a Paragould woman at Saddler Falls on the Spring River. Destiny Deshae Ward, 34,was arrested and is now facing four criminal charges, including two felonies. After becoming intoxicated, Ward allegedly tried to fight with people at the resort before being arrested. While in custody, she tried to steal a police patrol unit. According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department’s Affidavit for Probable Cause for Arrest, on May 28, Fulton County Deputy Blair Ables responded to a call of an intoxicated female at Saddler Falls on the Spring River who was “trying to fight people.” Once Ables was on the scene he witnessed the heavily intoxicated female. As she was attempting to get someone to pick her up, Ward reportedly became irate, cursing and yelling at the management and Deputy Ables. Ward was taken into custody for disorderly conduct’s and public intoxication. Had she stopped at that point she would only have been facing to misdemeanor charges of Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct and likely only a fine. After Ward was restrained placed in custody in the back of Ables patrol unit, she slid out of her wrist restraints, kicked the officers rifle off the mount above the partition and through the plexiglass opening into the front seat of the patrol unit. The displacement of the rifle subsequently caused a bizarre cause and effect motion to activate the car’s sirens. This alerted the officer. As he unlocked the door and ordering Ward to exit the vehicle, she reportedly reached for the gearshift an attempt to flee the scene and steal the unit. Ables removed her from the driver’s seat. Ward then began pulling and physically resisting her re arrest, but was placed back in the back seat in custody. Her last actions resulted in her picking up three more charges including Resisting Arrest, a Class A Misdemeanor; Third Degree Escape from Custody of Law Enforcement, a Class C Felony; and Theft of a vehicle $25,0000 or less but more than$5,000.Ward’s bond was set at $20,000 for Ward.