Skylar Shrake

From Police and Court Records and witness interview

A Mount Pleasant man found himself behind bars after allegedly stealing guns from an ex employer and placing them for sale on Marketplace. 

Skylar Shrake, 21, was first arrested on June 26 in Izard County after being confronted first by gun owner Chaz Mathews for whom he used to be employed about the alleged theft of guns from his business located on 211 Cardinal Road in Cave City. 

Mathews said he had a person ask him about the possibility of having some missing guns after he saw them on Facebook Marketplace. 

Matthews then realized the guns were missing and  a man told him he recalled someone  pull into the parking lot of scrap metal business around 3 a.m. and that shortly after the light was turned off.

Mathews then called the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office to request them go with him to confront Shrake, who he believed took the Ruger .45 caliber pistol, a 22-250 rifle, a 30-06, a Mossberg AR style semi auto .22, a Henrey lever action .22 as well as a case of 12 guage shells and four boxes of 9 mm shells. 

Sharp County Deputy Marc Boyd responded on June 26 and took the theft report but did not opt to go with Mathews to confront Shrake. 

On June 28, according to the probable cause affidavit, Boyd was contacted by Izard County Sheriff’s Department investigator Jeffrey Watts who advised him Shrake had confessed to the firearm thefts. Boyd then transferred Shrake from the Izard County Jail to the Sharp County Detention Center. 

After Mirandizing Shrake as he enter the patrol unit, Boyd’s report states that he was aware of his rights and wanted to tell the whole story, admitting to the burglary and theft. 

Shrake was charged on Aug. 9 in Sharp County Circuit Court with Commercial Burglary, a Class C Felony and eight counts of theft of property, a Class D Felony. 

Bond was set at $25,000 on Aug. 9 by district judge Mark Johnson in the case. Shrake was given an Aug. 16 court date .