In an urgent social media post on Feb. 2, Cherokee Village Animal Control highlighted the need for supplies after responding to an animal hoarding call in which the owner had passed away. 

The post said, “We strive to showcase the positives of the shelter responsibilities our animal control officers deal with, but we all know there is sometimes heartbreak behind the stories.  Today there was such a story.”

“Our officers responded to a call where they found 40 plus cats and one dog, along with multiple deceased animals.  As many as possible were rescued and were  taken back to the shelter where they will be cared for.  The cats are in pretty rough condition (extremely dehydrated).”

The animal shelter asks for donations of unflavored Pedialyte and kitten food that would go such a long way to help these animals and will be very much appreciated.

Donations may be dropped off at the Donation Box outside of Cherokee Village Town Center.  They went on to say, “Hopefully, there will be positive stories to share about this situation in the upcoming weeks. At press time one of the older dogs had already been fostered