By Tammy Curtis, Managing Editor

The process of becoming a new mother is often scary and intimidating. One group of Christian athletes from Highland have worked as a team to make women and their new babies feel the joy of Christian love as they welcome their new babies to the world. 

Misti Carter along with a team of five young ladies pooled their skills to make newborn kits for the babies. The group Katelyn Davis, FCS President Madie Ross, Haley Ramsey, Kennadie Parish and Destiny Smith along with Carter, delivered the kits to the Women’s Center at Baxter Health in Mountain Home on Feb. 15. 

Carter said, “I am so proud of these young ladies who have volunteered their time and talens to create something special for newborns and their parents. I had so much fun working with them toput these kits together I am learning as much from them as they do me.”

She and Katelin Davis and Haley Ramsey, used their handicraft skills and crocheted baby hats, mittens, booties, and stuffed animals for the babies. This is a skill that many young girls don’t have. The work was stunning and something any new mother would be proud to present to her new baby. 

Mallory McEntire sewed baby blankets for the  babies and Madie Ross Destiny Smith and Kennadie Parish assembled the kits and created gift cards with Bible verses for each one to present to the parents.  The students were happy to create something special  for the newborns and their parents.

This type of heartfelt gifts to the community teach the students the importance of not only being civic minded but also demonstrated skills and teamwork, all things that are important in not only their future employment and careers, but in everyday life and relationships.