While accessing porn at local library

By Tammy Curtis, Publisher

Jan. 26, 2022



A convicted sex offender was arrested for failure to register after viewing pornography from and chatting on a platform in the Viola Library on Jan. 7.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Jake Smith was notified by Boyd Dailey that Lester Hendrix, 70 (a registered sex offender) was at the Viola Library using the internet to look at pornography. 

Smith arrived and found Lester in the library. When Lester saw the deputy approach,  he turned his tablet face down. Smith asked Lester what he was looking at and Lester showed him. Smith could see he was looking at pornography and using the chat site that had gotten Lester arrested on his original charge.  Smith transported Lester to the Fulton County Detention Center. 

During a Post Miranda interview in which Lester acknowledge he understood his rights and wished to make a statement and answer questions, Lester said that he had been looking at porn. Lester was asked if the device was registered with the sex offender officer, and Lester said it wasn’t. Lester also said that the email he was using was not registered as well. 

According to the registry requirements for the State of Arkansas, a registered sex offender is required to register all devices capable of access to the internet, and all social media platforms including email addresses. 

Hendrix was found guilty of internet stalking of a child, a Class B Felony in 2013. In March, 2015, Hendrix was found guilty of distributing, possessing, or viewing matter depicting a child in a sexual manner. A search warrant has been issued for the tablet Hendrix was using at the library. 

Hendrix was charged with two counts of failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements, both Class C felonies. 

A $5,000 cash or professional bond was set for Hendrix by Circuit Judge Tim Weaver. Hendrix remains in the Fulton County Detention Center.