Fulton County in shock over slaying of long time employee

Kristy Marie Taylor
Kristy Marie Taylor

From police reports and witness statements
The Arkansas State Police is currently investigating the shooting of Kristy Marie Taylor, 57, who was killed outside her home on July 9.

Family members of Taylor’s discovered her lying outside her home on Fawn Wood Road near Elizabeth around 5:30 p.m. on Sat., July 9 and made a call to dispatch. At first a witness close to the family said they did not notice any blood. First responders and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the scene. Taylor was apparently shot.

Taylor’s body was sent to the Arkansas Crime Laboratory for an autopsy.
Sheriff Joe Boshears turned the investigation over to the Arkansas State Police who are currently working to determine who may have shot Taylor. Taylor has worked for the Fulton County Sheriff’s office for about 9-10 years and was also a bus driver for the Viola School District. She was well liked in the community.

The small area was shocked by her death.
This news agency will release more details as they become available and if an arrest is made in the case.

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