From Sheriff Shane Russell report

After four days of receiving radio communications from an unknown source at Sharp County Dispatch, two Sharp County men found themselves charged with Obstruction of Governmental Operations and possibly further charges. According to Sharp County Sheriff Shane Rus-sell, dispatchers and deputies in the county began hearing a male voice on on the radio stating “Come in Candy Cane,” “Breaker Breaker Candy Cane, among other statements. The deputies recognized the reference to the horror film Joy Ride, where three individuals using the handle “Candy Cane” to con-tact a truck driver. Over four days the communication continued and on the fourth day, their communication began to interfere with emergency traffic, preventing Central Dispatch from communicating with emergency personnel. After the Sharp County Criminal Investigations Di-vision obtained voice recognition of the two male subjects, they were able to confirm their identity as Matthew King and Jason Childs, both of Ash Flat. Both confessed to the interference and a transceiver radio was seized from both men. They were both cited after the investigation. Russell said, “Such behavior will not be tolerated and anyone interfering with emergency traffic on a Sharp County band will be identified and criminally charged.