Michelle Peterson

With prayer and contemplation, I’ve decided to run for a Highland School Board position in November of 2023. I’m eager and passionate to file my candidacy.

As a parent of three adult children and nine grandchildren, I consider a child’s education one of our most important responsibilities. I’ve spent 25 years in education and I’m a resident in the Highland School District community.

My 25 years educating students include 10 years as a paraprofessional and 15 years as a 7th-12th grade English teacher including teaching speech and debate. In May of 2021, I retired as a high school English teacher from Highland School District.

A high value on accountability, transparency, and integrity must be the standard for those we elect. When these principles are upheld, elected officials are accountable to their constituents, transparent in all they do, and their strong moral values maintain their personal integrity.

To support these principles, I formed the Citizens for Highland School District (HSD) Accountability group in January 2023. This group advocates for openness and cooperation between HSD and the community. The community’s and parents’ involvement with HSD is a key to a top-notch education for students.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with you to hear your suggestions and ideas to improve students’ education within the Highland School District. In asking for your support and confidence, I promise not to let you down.