Charlie Martin

From Police press release and interviews.

Sharp County Captain of Operations, Josh Williams issued a press release following an assault, kidnapping, pursuit into Sharp County from Fulton County. 

A Woodland, Ark. man found himself behind bars after assaulting a man and kidnapping an infant from Riverbend Restaurant in Mammoth Spring and leading police on a chase and stand off around 10 a.m. Aug.19.

A call was taken around 10 a.m. through. Sharp County Central Dispatch. The caller advised that a male subject, identified as Charlie Martin, 38,  had entered a restaurant, assaulted a male subject and kidnapped an infant child.  Charlie and an unknown adult male passenger departed the restaurant at a high rate of speed in a white Ford pickup.  

Responding units including the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office and the Hardy Police Department located the truck.  A traffic stop was conducted. Sharp County Deputy Bryce Trivitt observed the infant  being held by the passenger.  As he approached the truck, Martin began to drive off.  Trivitt jumped into the window of the truck putting his own safety at risk and was able to successfully  pull the child from the vehicle without injury. 

A pursuit ensued for the truck with the Hardy Police and the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department deputies.  Several oncoming vehicles were nearly struck by the suspect as he fled. As Martin entered Ozark Acres, the decision was made to perform a Pursuit Immobilization Tctic (PIT) on the vehicle to stop it.   Once the vehicle was stopped, the passenger exited and ran into the nearby woods.  Martin then displayed a handgun by placing it to the side of his head and a approximately 30 minute standoff began on Vagabond Road.

Sharp County Sheriff Shane Russell began negotiations with Martin.  After Sheriff Russell was able to gain the suspect’s trust, he surrendered without incident.  Martin was transported to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries and will be held at the Sharp County Detention Center.

The Sharp County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Hardy Police Department, Highland Police Department, Cherokee Village Police Department and the Arkansas State Police for their assistance and support.  The Sheriff’s Office also recognizes the actions of Sgt. Trivitt for placing his own safety at risk and Sheriff Russell for speaking to the suspect which led to his surrender.  These actions allowed this incident to come to an end peacefully without injuries to officers or the public.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed the passenger within the vehicle was not directly involved with the incident and no threat to exists to the public.  Charges are pending against Martin. The video of the traffic stop is available on our website and social media. 

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