Fulton County man charged after running over man with vehicle

From police and court
A Salem man has been arrested after an altercation that turned from verbal to him running over a man in his driveway on Dec. 16.
Narcotics Investigator Blair Ables arrived on the scene at the 2700 block of Highway Nine South following an emergency call reporting Roger Martino had been run over by a vehicle driven by 29 year old Mose Swartzentruber. Swartzentruber also made a call to emergency services claiming he had been attacked in the driveway by Martino. He informed police he left the scene but “believed he had run over someone,” according to the Probable Cause Affidavit filed on Dec. 19 in Fulton County Circuit Court.
Fulton County Deputy Dakota Mcgrew also arrived at the scene and placed Swartzentruber in custody for an outstanding warrant while Ables attempted to gain details the led up to the incident.
Witnesses at the residence told the officer that Swartzentruber had been in a physical altercation with Martino and drug him backward while his vehicle was in reverse before speeding forward after hitting a tree, running over Martino across his pelvic region before fleeing the scene.
Swartzentruber told a different story, claiming, it was Martino who came out and began attacking him, trying to grab a knife from the door of the truck that Swartzentruber was sitting within. He also claimed he did not run over Martino. He told police he was “scared for his life and just trying to get away from being attacked.”
Swartzentruber said in a post Miranda interview that he did not believe he had told anyone he thought he had run over someone. A recorded 9/11 line revealed he had, in fact, told the operator he thought he had ran someone over.
Ables indicated in his report that Swartzentruber had marks on his chest, face and chest consistent with a physical altercation.
Martino was flown to Cox South by helicopter, where he was reported in stable, but critical condition at the time of the court filing.
Swartzentruber admitted to smoking marijuana a few hours prior to arriving at the residence and also submitted to a field sobriety test and urine testing.
On Dec. 20, Martino’s disabled daughter and son-in-law Keven and Felicia Anderson filed orders of protection against Swartzentruber.
In their filings, both claim Swartzentruber has verbally threatened them and threatened them with a weapon. Keven said he is a disabled veteran who is in fear for his life and stated that he has been threatened many times in the last three years by Swartzentruber.
A hearing date has been set for the orders of protection on Jan. 18 at 10 a.m. in Fulton County Circuit Court.
An arrest warrant was served by Chief Deputy Jake Smith on Swartzentruber on Dec. 19. He was charged by Prosecutor Attorney Dwayne Plumee with Aggravated Assault, A Class D Felony; Driving while Intoxicated, Drugs, and Driving on a Suspended Driver’s license, both misdemeanors.
Swartzentruber posted a $50,000 professional bond with Jeremy Rowland of Triple R Bail Bonds on Dec. 19 and was given a Jan. 9, 2023 court date.

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